Team based culture

Your input is encouraged from day one. Each week brings an opportunity to demo your newly-shipped features to the entire company.

Open source

We are invested in your "brand" as an engineer and encourage you to open source any code that you think the community will enjoy.

Product market fit

When it comes to products, we don't believe in "build and sit on the shelf". Every feature you build is in high demand by our customers.

Senior Rails Fullstack Engineer

Platform Engineering | San Francisco, CA, United States

We are building the next-generation live news network. We help Publishers, Content Creators and Advertisers generate more online video revenue through sophisticated technology and a unique view of how our world is changing. We're re-tooling the fabric of TV by powering a rich video experience for consumers at the sites they visit the most.


Our team / Architecture / Process

  • We are a team of 6 engineers and are looking for our 7th team member (11 including devops and qa).

  • We have a javascript sdk so each line of code you write will be executed millions of times per day.

  • We have a microservice architecture built on top of Rails and hosted on AWS.

  • We release code in a continuous fashion, on a daily basis.

  • We have a “Show and Tell” each Friday where developers demo to the entire company the products they built/shipped.

  • 2 of our developers are published authors (Developing a React.js Edge, JBoss in Action)


  • 4+ years building web applications with production level scale.

  • You are a full stack Ruby on Rails engineer.

  • You are comfortable with REST, ActiveRecord, and creating a rubygem.

  • You are experience using/building web APIs.

  • You are passionate about best practices.

  • You can build frontend pages (Haml, Forms, CSS, JS) but don't need to be a css wizard.

  • Experience with automated testing (rspec, capybara, mocha).

  • You like to have ownership of your projects.

  • You want a company which will support you open sourcing your code.

  • A bachelor’s degree in CS or related technical field, or commensurate work experience.

Your impact at Tout

  • We have a flat hierarchy and culture - so your input will be valued (and expected) from day one.

  • Our products are viewed by millions of people each day, so every feature you build will have significant reach and adoption.

Interview Process

  • Quick 30 minute phone call to discuss the company, the job, and you

  • 1 hour technical phone call

  • Noon - 5pm in-person interview: 90 minute pairing session on a real feature, then meet with the engineering team

  • Noon - 5pm in-person interview: Meet with product, qa, devops and the CEO

  • Team will sync up the next day on the interview

  • Profit!

Buzz-word bingo

Rails, Sass, React.js, Backbone.js, Microservices, Mysql, Redis, Amazon Redshift, DynamoDB, Resque, Rspec, Capybara, Mocha, Phoenix, Elixir and Partial Rollouts


To Apply

Interested in applying for this position? Send us a note along with your resume: