Helping advertisers reach the most engaged video audience at scale, in a brand-safe way.

Personalized, relevant video programming.

  • Patented Personalized TV Technology delivers the video content that consumers love, based on who they are and where they are across the web.

  • Live and On-demand programming delivered through an immersive viewing experience with rich discoverability and multi-channel browsing.

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Over 300 channels of premium video programming across News, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Full transparency and control over your campaigns.

  • Audience target at scale using your 1st party data and preferred 3rd party providers for cookie-syncing, look-alikes and re-targeting.

  • Own, access and leverage your campaign data anywhere you want.

  • Get 3rd party verified and audited viewable and brand-safe video ad placements.


The world's leading brands run their video campaigns with Tout.

Let Tout help you reach the most engaged audience at scale in an open, brand-safe environment.

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